Acquapazza Firenze




From 2011 the restaurant for fish lovers in Florence


Acquapazza Firenze is one of the local landmarks for lovers of perfectly cooked fish. La location is stylish and sophisticated, bringing a touch of elegance in the beautiful Florence. Acquapazza offers you the opportunity to enjoy high quality food accompained with wisely chosen wine

The hall service is friendly and professional, supervised by the patron Rocco Lauria and his staff.

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Chef Filippo Germasi


Chef patron Filippo Germasi offers a simple but accurate cuisine, updating seasonally the menu. He follows every little detail as fresh fish, homemade bread, handmade pasta, with a preference for the products of our territory.

“…his creations involve the senses as only a masterpiece can do: your eyes are filled with colors and shapes that leave you breathless and the mouth live continuous discoveries, delicate and unexpected…”

Chef Filippo Germasi

Crudo dell'Acquapazza

Unique and exquisite menu


A menu of unique dishes in their composition and presentation, characterized by fresh and high quality ingredients prepared with care for palates and eyes of our customers.

Periodically we organize tasting events with the most prestigious italian and foreign wines; it is also possible to reserve our restaurant with personalized menus for every event.